Android Prices

Mobile Advertising has the capability to make any small business have a larger than life business perception.
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I am Joseph Blythe App Design by Joe is a part of small company under Joseph Blythe LLC based in the City of Atlanta Fulton County.  Before I take on any android project I have guidelines that I adhere to in order to make sure that each project will be started and completed in a timely manner. Below is the outline please read this carefully and ask any questions.
Please read this and adhere to the following: 
We create simple 2-3 page ad apps for Android.
We place your App on the Google Android Market weather you sell or want to place a free app.
(We employ a method to make even free apps marketable for your business)
Next we set up your app to be marketed on several mobile advertisement marketing websites. 
What these sites do is once your app is placed on the Universal Android Network, it is displayed everyday 365 days a year it never stops marketing itself.
Note we only do 2-3 advertisement screens to get your message across to your audience.

1.Each Android App is a simple process for Mobile Marketing.
The client is to have all material pertaining to the app to be developed all  text, pictures, video and media. The client is responsible for proofreading, editing and grammar correction and media output quality. All information pertaining to app is to be presented at one time without exception I will not do proofreading and editing what you give me is what I will develop.

2.   Payment will be made by Pay pal, half of the money is to be paid and once finished the rest deposited into Pay Pal Account.
3.   At the completion of each Android project an invoice via e-mail or fax will be sent to client.
4.   NO type of "Bartering" will be considered, we barter ONLY with cash, credit and debit ONLY.
  •   App Design by Joe test and document all apps via Android Emulator and Android devices.
  •    App Design by Joe will maintain correct and edit all codes, icon, pictures, and or multimedia pertaining only to the android app that the client agreed upon.
  •   App Design by Joe is not responsible for any Android app that was not created by App Design by Joe.
  •  App Design by Joe will not for legal reasons post, upload android app to client’s website or blog ONLY TO THE DESIGNATED ADVERTISING NETWORKS.
For inquires e-mail: appdesignsbyjoe@gmail.com

 (The payment is due once the app is completed, in some cases App Design by Joe reserves the right to request a down payment via money order to as deposit.)
(The app can be displayed, but not downloaded. Screen shots will be viewed no app released to client until full payment is met.)  

I hope that you purchase and use your Android App as a business tool to attract and obtain more clients. Also allow your clients to download and spread your android apps to their business associates, friends and family. By doing this in a strategic manner your business app will pay for its self by promoting, and marketing your place of business.