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  1. Hey Joe have you developed your plug in for Google yet? I know you were talking and got yourself a Copyright Attorney.

    After talking to you today you are really going to go places, with your Java Developing skills.
    I mean wow you know your Lawyer will work you out a DAMN good financial retirement package.

    Keep on working, keep on building keep on learning, writing and developing your ideas.

    I remember that guy told you that you need a business plan but he don't realize that you know the computer and software industry. You know about the VPN'S that smart business people are using all over the world.

    You are really earning that name Java Joe but you deserve all the work and Finances that your lawyer is going to bring to the table.

    WOW who would ever think of developing plug-ins for Google and you know they will buy it, just to keep it out of the hands of face book and Micro Soft Mess I will catch up with you sometimes at the coffee shop.

    Tell your wife and daughter hello and get that MONEY LOL GET YOU ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BUY

    Peace CyberMerk & family