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App Designs by Joe Presents Mobile Ad Marketing using Android Devices.
Incorporate the power of Android Devices to market your business.

Atlanta Georgia February 29, 2012- A report stated this year 2012 there will be more than 100 million plus active android users using Android devices for business and personal use. The Android market is growing by leaps and bounds. 95% of business is using their mobile devices for everyday business use, from setting appointments to meeting and closing deals with clients.

In today’s global market businesses can utilize mobile app marketing to inexpensively build a client base. Mobile ad marketing is not being used to its full potential by the average business and end user.

Mobile marketing with Android is a tool that can increase your bottom line. Mobile app marketing gives your clients information about the goods and services of your company 24 hours a day, 7 a week, and 365 a year at a one time cost.

The biggest positive advantages of this type of mobile ad marketing is that when an Android user have their tablets or phones turned on, your ad come on their screen either by icon or in the notification tray. When used strategically you can market your business on the Android network world wide.

Once a mobile ad is on the universal android network it can remain there indefinitely, to whatever end the developer or business person decides. Mobile marketing with Android can be the right path to consider for any business that wants to build up a larger client base in an accelerated rate with a very minimal output.

App Designs by Joe is a business whose whole mission is to develop android apps for your marketing needs. With the Android mobile app developed the business owner can receive a high volume of client responses and instant inquires in some cases, but this targeted method to your specific audience gets their attention.

This is where App Designs by Joe can take your existing business. If you have an active website or not the focus of mobile advertising can be useful with little or no online maintenance supervision. The mobile app ads are independent tools that remain inexpensive business building block that you can employ in your advertising campaign.

App Designs by Joe is a rapid growing mobile app marketing business.
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